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Sydney, Australia’s economic powerhouse, on the path to become a Three Cities Metropolis

As we plan for life after COVID-19, we need to take into account the lessons that we have learned about ourselves, how we live and the way our city works and turn them to our economic advantage. Sydneysiders will have to reimagine the way they are living. Dreaming of a world in which commuting to […]

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2019 has had its challenges – What will 2020 bring?

On the geopolitical front, Greg Preston commented that the 2019 British election result on December 12 has seen a resounding mandate to the Tory Party and Boris Johnson to finally bring some sense to Brexit into 2020. This together with the likelihood of a resolution to the US/China trade wars and the refreshed North America […]

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Global Geopolitical Environment and Our Economy & Property Markets – Series 2

Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney has been monitoring geopolitical influences on our economy and real estate markets. Given the uncertainty that these events bring, it is important to monitor these events and occurrences as they can have a direct and/or indirect effect on the Australian economy and property market. We have updated our Economic Environment Timeline […]

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