Who we are

Established in Sydney in 1988, Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney is a leading firm of property valuers, analysts, advisers and consultants who operate throughout Australia and New Zealand, with links globally. Since our inception, it has been our philosophy to be recognised as an elite supplier of investment, development and asset property services.

To us, ‘property’ means all forms of real estate and infrastructure, asset, plant machinery and equipment. We aim to provide superior property advisory services specialising in consulting, valuation, property and asset management, facilities management, transaction management, as well as property market and economic research.

Our fundamental business and service principles are knowledge, experience, professionalism and innovation we demonstrate in our daily operations. At Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney, we employ well-educated professionals who are committed to delivering an unforgettable service. We utilise our in-house developed client connectivity system ‘PRPOnline’ as a state-of-the-art, web services-based system, that has significantly enhanced connectivity between our clients and our service offerings. In addition, we have Yardi Voyager as the primary platform of our Asset, Property and Facilities Management Division.

At Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney we are continuously communicating our daily operations through our Five Company Pillars, being:

  • The types of clients we represent
  • The property classifications we deal with
  • The reasons clients use us
  • The locations we cover
  • Our People & Culture

“We have property covered”.

The clients we represent

We have all client profiles covered.

Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney acts for a diverse range of clients with all types of real estate and infrastructure, asset, plant and machinery interests.

Our clients include:

  • Accountants, auditors, insolvency practitioners
  • Banks, finance companies & lending institutions
  • Commercial & residential non-bank lenders
  • Co-operatives
  • Developers
  • Family offices
  • Finance & mortgage brokers
  • Hotel owners & operators
  • Institutional investors
  • Insurance brokers & companies
  • Investment advisors
  • Lessors & lessees
  • Listed and private companies & corporations
  • Listed property trusts
  • Local, state & federal government departments & agencies
  • Mining companies
  • Mortgage trusts
  • Overseas clients
  • Private investors
  • Property syndication managers
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)
  • Rural landholders
  • Solicitors and barristers
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Stockbrokers
  • Superannuation funds
  • Trustee & custodial companies

The property classifications we deal with

We have all real estate types covered.

We regularly provide valuation, advisory, research, acquisition due diligence management, asset and property management, consultancy and leasing services for all types of real estate including:

  • Metropolitan & CBD commercial office buildings
  • Retail shopping centres & shops
  • Industrial, office/warehouses & factories
  • Business parks
  • Hotels (accommodation) & resorts
  • Hotels (pubs), motels & caravan parks
  • Residential developments projects
  • Residential dwellings (houses/apartments/units)
  • Rural properties
  • Hospitals and aged care
  • Special purpose properties
  • Extractive industries & resource-based enterprises
  • Infrastructure including airports and port facilities

Asset, plant & machinery valuation

We have all types of asset, plant and machinery covered.

Our asset, plant and machinery valuation, appraisal and advisory division undertake valuation of all forms of plant, machinery, furniture fittings and equipment, including:

  • Mining & earth moving equipment/road plant
  • Resort & accommodation, hotel furniture, fittings & equipment
  • Office fit outs & equipment
  • Farming equipment
  • Transport equipment
  • Industrial/factory equipment
  • Licensed club furniture, fittings & equipment
  • Building services equipment (lifts, air conditioning, fire services and building maintenance equipment)
  • Insurance valuations
  • Asset valuations

The locations we cover

We have all locations covered.

From our capital city and regional office locations, we serve our client’s needs throughout Australia. Globally, we operate directly through our relationships offices in New Zealand and across the Asia-Pacific region.

In the Asia-Pacific region, we have associated office networks throughout China via China Appraisal, Japan via Daiwa Realty Appraisal, Thailand via CPM Capital and Co and Philippines via Cuervo Appraisers Incorporated.

The reasons clients use us

We have your needs covered.

Our clients seek our property (Real Estate, Infrastructure, Plant and Machinery) services for a multitude of reasons including:

  • Acquisitions & disposals
  • Alternative use & highest and best use analysis
  • Asset management
  • Asset valuations for financial reporting to meet ASIC, AASB, IFRS & IVSC guidelines
  • Compulsory acquisition & resumption
  • Corporate merger & acquisition real estate due diligence
  • Due diligence management for acquisitions and sales
  • Facilities management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Funding valuations
  • Funds management advice & portfolio analysis
  • Income and outgoings projections and analysis
  • Insurance valuations (replacement and reinstatement costs)
  • Leasing vacant space within managed properties
  • Listed property trust & investment fund valuations & revaluations
  • Litigation support
  • Marketing & development strategies
  • Property management
  • Property syndicate valuations and re-valuations
  • Rating and taxing objections
  • Receivership, insolvency and liquidation valuations and support/advice
  • Relocation advice, strategies and consultancy
  • Rental assessments and determinations
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Strategic property planning


We have Environment Social Governance covered.

We are a firm of international property consultants and valuers who aspire to be market leaders in the provision of real estate investment and development valuation; asset, property and facilities management; leasing and selling agency, and consultancy services for all classes of real estate and infrastructure; as well as a market leader in the provision of asset valuation for financial reporting (real estate, plant and machinery).

In today’s disruptive marketplace, every organisation needs to attract, develop, and retain talent with diverse skills and perspectives. The difference between success and failure will not be in the formulation of job descriptions and compensation packages but in the ability to articulate a higher purpose. That begins with a clear sense of shared mission and culture.

For these reasons, we have established a Mission, Vision and Culture that will demonstrate some tangible capacity to deliver returns in a positive and impactful way, through an understanding of ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance).

Preston Rowe Paterson aims to be an employer of choice and continually advance our corporate culture and promote the continuing professional development and training as well as career advancement for all our staff.

Our ESG Program

Our Core

The term ESG refers to Environment, Social and (Corporate) Governance – this is the perceived value of a business from an outside perspective. Whilst we want the business to have a high-value ESG, we need to look at how this is achieved and what we can do to implement practices to achieve this.

The core values we are applying along our ESG initiatives are:-

  • Optimism and growth
  • Technology
  • Governance and succession
  • Sustainable business practices

Our principles reside in:-

  • Caring for, being interested in, and maintaining responsibility for colleagues as friends
  • Providing support for one another, including offering kindness and compassion when others are struggling
  • Avoiding blame and forgive mistakes
  • Inspiring one another at work
  • Emphasizing the meaningfulness of the work
  • Treating one another with respect, gratitude, trust, and integrity

Environment & Sustainability

The E in ESG, environmental criteria, includes the energy we will take in and the waste we discharge, the resources we need, and the consequences for living beings as a result. Not least, E encompasses carbon emissions and climate change. Every company uses energy and resources; every company affects and is affected by the environment.

Social Responsibility

The Ssocial criteria, addresses the relationships we have and the reputation we foster with people and institutions in the communities where we do business. S includes labour relations and diversity and inclusion. Every company operates within a broader, diverse society.

Corporate Governance

The Ggovernance, is the internal system of practices, controls, and procedures we are adopting to govern, make effective decisions, comply with the law, and meet the needs of external stakeholders. Every company, which is itself a legal creation, requires governance.