We have investment real estate covered.

Our investment real estate services generally include:-

  • Valuation (mortgage);
  • Valuation for financial reporting;
  • Valuations for insurance purposes;
  • Property management;
  • Asset management;
  • Acquisition & sale management;
  • Leasing;
  • Due diligence management;
  • Facilities management;
  • Capital markets advisory;
  • Income & outgoings forecasting;
  • Transaction advisory;
  • Listed trust & syndicate funding & asset valuations;
  • Strategic rent review planning within buildings;
  • Lease provision advisory;
  • Rating and taxing (statutory valuation) objections;
  • Infrastructure valuation and cash flow – forecasting;
  • Rent determination submissions/management; and
  • Investment portfolio performance measurement review.

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We have development real estate covered.

Our development valuation services include:-

  • Development funding (mortgage) valuation;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Highest and Best use options valuations and advisory;
  • GST advisory (residential) redevelopment;
  • Development cash flow forecasting and budgets;
  • Valuations – assessment of gross realisation – value as if complete;
  • Valuations subject to rezoning and DA;
  • Valuations “as is”;
  • Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) advisory.

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Asset, plant & machinery

We have real estate, plant and machinery valuation covered.

Our asset valuation services include:-

  • Real estate valuation;
  • Plant and machinery valuation;
  • Financial reporting valuation;
  • Insurance valuation;
  • Asset registers;
  • Asset register management;
  • Depreciation valuations;
  • Asset classification;
  • Fair Value assessment; and
  • Accounting & valuation standards monitoring & review.

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Corporate real estate

We have corporate real estate covered.

Our corporate real estate solutions include:-

  • Strategic property and portfolio planning;
  • Asset management;
  • Space planning;
  • Demand analysis;
  • Procurement management;
  • Operating cost administration and management;
  • Facilities management;
  • Lease and occupancy administration;
  • Multi-site management;
  • Cost containment.

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We have mortgage valuation covered.

Our mortgage valuation services include:-

  • Valuation for all properties classifications;
  • Investment, development & occupancy real estate;
  • Strategic mortgage portfolio risk review;
  • Valuation aggregator panel appointments (VALEX and VMS);
  • Business to business IT development with valuation aggregators;
  • Bank and financial institution valuation panel appointments;
  • Advanced mortgage valuation delivery solutions.

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Our mortgage valuation division has developed a state of the art, web services based, IT platform called PRPonline. PRP Online underpins client connectivity for all of our services, not solely our mortgage valuation service. The features of PRPOnline are summarised below. is an IT platform that links our valuers and clients across the country via the internet. is a first for Preston Rowe Paterson and covers commercial, retail, industrial, hotel and leisure, special purpose and residential real estate and plant & machinery. is an IT solution that has been designed by the major user groups in the valuation process, and built by the best code writers in Australia. provides a clear and transparent communication tool that caters for the needs of clients and valuers, ensuring all parties remain informed throughout the valuation process. allows clients to input instructions to one website and have that instruction routed to the appropriate valuation firm that covers that geographic area. allows clients to track the progress of any valuation in Australasia via visual cues. The platform generates detailed tracking reports of turnaround times by state, region and postcode; and issues turnaround reports by the valuation company and individual valuer. provides a new way of allowing clients and brokers to be proactive in the booking process, by providing further information to assist in the valuation process. is assisting in the greenhouse battle by reducing the level of paper and other consumables required, as all information is available as an online file once scanned.


We have government property valuation and advisory covered.

Our Commonwealth, State and Local Government services include the following:-

  • Asset valuation for financial reporting including heritage and specialised assets;
  • Insurance valuation;
  • Compulsory acquisition/resumption;
  • Local Government Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) offset valuations;
  • Statutory valuation review;
  • Property management;
  • Leasing;
  • Asset management;
  • Facilities management;
  • Rental review advisory; and
  • Long term head lease valuation & advisory.

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We have insurance valuation covered.

Our insurance valuation services include:-

  • Insurance replacement cost valuations;
  • Insurance reinstatement cost valuations;
  • Valuations to meet industrial special risk (ISR) policy wordings;
  • Insurance valuations of all buildings types and, all types of plant and equipment;
  • Heritage buildings and special purpose asset classes.

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Our occupancy services include:-

  • Facilities management;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Location advice and site selection;
  • Landlord and tenant;
  • Owned and leased portfolio management; and
  • Rental advisory.

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We have real estate sustainability covered.

Our real estate sustainability services include:-

  • NABERS building upgrade option studies;
  • Green building valuations;
  • Green lease provision advisory;
  • Valuations of buildings subject to environmental upgrade agreements;
  • Valuations of buildings with Green Star ratings;
  • Green building outgoings assessments;
  • Cost/benefit studies and market analysis of green development.

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We have economic and real estate market research covered.

Our research services include:-

  • Specific client requested real estate market research;
  • General real estate market research;
  • General real estate market news; and
  • Emerging issues.

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