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Monitoring the news and media for issues that impact on property, real estate markets, our services and the economy is an integral part of what we do. As we continue to monitor news and media on property and economics, we will express our views on any potential impacts on the property areas we deal with.

Important General & Real Estate COVID-19 Information

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created a raft of challenges within Australian Society, our communities and, indeed, for those in our profession.

The following information outlines some of the resources we have been able to draw upon to assist with navigating issues within the property industry:

  1. Navigating the Roll Out of the Commonwealth Leasing Code in the States and Territories Paper | 21 May 2020 | Source Preston Rowe Paterson
  2. Navigating the Roll Out of the Commonwealth Leasing Code in the States and Territories Paper | Updated 3 June 2020 Includes WA Regulations 2020 Gazetted on 29 May 2020 | Source Preston Rowe Paterson
  3. Navigating the Roll Out of the Commonwealth Leasing Code in the States and Territories Paper | Updated 9 June 2020 Includes QLD Regulation 2020 Issued 28 May 2020 | Source Preston Rowe Paterson
  4. Navigating the Roll Out of the Commercial Leasing Code in the States and Territories Paper | Updated 8 October 2020 Includes WA Regulation 2020 Gazetted on 25 September | Source Preston Rowe Paterson
  5. NSW Commercial Leasing Code Update on 16 July 2021 | Source Preston Rowe Paterson


Commonwealth Code State Legislation and Regulations (2021)

  1. NSW Retail and Other Commercial Leases (COVID-19) Regulation 2021


Commonwealth Code State Legislation and Regulations (2020)

  1. National Cabinet Mandatory Code of Conduct;
  2. NSW Parliamentary Research Service – Protected Tenancy History;
  3. NSW COVID-19 Retail Lease Act Regulation;
  4. NSW COVID-19 Conveyancing Act Regulation;
  5. QLD COVID-19 Act;
  6. QLD COVID-19 Land Act Regulations;
  7. QLD COVID-19 Retail Shop Leases Act Regulations;
  8. SA COVID-19 Act;
  9. SA COVID-19 Regulations;
  10. TAS COVID-19 Act;
  11. TAS COVID-19 Gazetted Notice;
  12. VIC COVID-19 Act;
  13. VIC COVID-19 Regulations;
  14. VIC COVID-19 Amendments to Regulations;
  15. WA COVID-19 Act;
  16. WA COVID-19 Regulations and
  17. WA COVID-19 Regulations (Updated as at 26 September).


PFA-PRP Valuation Uncertainty

  1. PFA-PRP Issues Paper – Dealing with Valuation Uncertainty – Investment Real Estate
  2. PFA – ShineWing Webinar on Dealing with Valuation Uncertainty; 
  3. PFA – ShineWing Webinar Presentation on Dealing with Valuation Uncertainty; and
  4. PFA – ShineWing Webinar Poll Results and Extra Questions Answered


International Valuation Standards Council:
1. IVSC 2020 Valuation Uncertainty


Australian Property Institute:
1. COVID-19 Standards & Protocols
2. State of Emergency Declaration


Australian Banks:
1. Addendum to Residential Valuation Standing Instructions


Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors:
1. RICS Response to COVID-19


Property Funds Association of Australia:
1. PFA Issues Paper


Property related news re: COVID-19:

28.04.21 | PFA Masterclass Melbourne: Valuers interpretation of the post (or continuing) COVID valuation scenario | Source Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney

28.04.21 | PFA Masterclass Sydney: Valuers interpretation of the post (or continuing) COVID valuation scenario | Source Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney

22.12.20 | Retrospective 2020 & What Lies Ahead in 2021 | Source Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney

22.12.20 | Beyond COVID-19: Reopening of Commercial buildings | Source Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

22.12.20 | Beyond COVID-19: Valuation approaches and evidence during the COVID-19 health crisis | Source Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

17.12.20 | Property industry confidence surges with biggest jump on record | Source Property Council of Australia

11.12.20 | Final Pyrmont Peninsula Strategy welcomed as Sydney evolves as a global city | Source Property Council of Australia

29.11.20 | KPMG – Major Australian Banks – Majors prove resilient but risks are mounting | Source KPMG

25.11.20 | VIC 2020/21 State Budget – Property & Infrastructure | Source Shine Wing

19.11.20 | Offices will live on in a post-COVID World | Source Charter Hall

01.11.20 | Separating fact from fiction: The Future of Australia’s office sector | Source Cvent

01.10.20 | AFR: HomeBuilder boost not enough as new housing approvals fall | Source Urban Development Institute of Australia

02.09.20| Investment Real Estate Valuation in the Covid-19 Economy | Source McMahon Clarke

21.04.20| City of Sydney News – Covid-19 (novel coronavirus): how we’re responding | Source City Of Sydney

16.04.20| SA COVID-19 Emergency Response (Commercial Leases) Regulations 2020 | Source MinterEllison

16.04.20| COVID-19 Emergency Response (Commercial Leases) Regulations 2020 | Source South Australian Government

15.04.20 | Emergency sitting of the Victorian Parliament next week | Victoria State Government

15.04.20 | Media Release Victoria State Government – Supporting Tenants and landlords through Coronavirus | Victoria State Government

15.04.20 | SA COVID-19 Emergency Response Act (assented 09.4.20) | South Australian Government

13.04.20 | NSW announces $440 million rent relief packages for commercial and residential tenancies | Source MinterEllison

11.04.20 | Tasmanian Declaration provides relief for commercial tenants | Source MinterEllison

09.04.20 | Tasmanian Government Gazette COVID-19 Disease Emergency | Source Tasmanian Government

09.04.20 | Australian Treasurer announces a blanket tightening of foreign investment screening rules | Source MinterEllison

09.04.20 | QLD Government moves to protect retail and commercial tenants | Source QLD Government

09.04.20 | News Alert South Australia COVID-19-Emergency Response Bill | Source House of Assembly

09.04.20 | News Alert South Australian legislation provides relief for commercial tenants | Source MinterEllison

08.04.20 | National Cabinet mandatory code of conduct for SME commercial leasing principles | Source Prime Minister of Australia website

08.04.20 | Commercial Tenancy code of conduct | Source Property Council of Australia

07.04.20| National Cabinet announces an industry code of conduct for commercial tenancies | Source MinterEllison

07.04.20 | Scott Morrison announces rent relief package for commercial tenants affected by coronavirus | Source ABC News

07.04.20 | Victorian students to learn from home, as VCE timelines revised | Source Victorian State Government

06.04.20 | Victorian Government recognises that industry partners in building and construction are critical to recovery| Source Treasurer of Victoria

03.04.20 | Government announced a mandatory tenancy code of conduct to be introduced to help struggling businesses | Source Prime Minster Australia

02.04.20 | Helpful guide to understanding how JobKeeper Payment program works | Source NTAA

31.03.20 | Energy bill relief for small businesses in WA | Source WA Government

31.03.20 | Guidelines for the building and construction industry Victoria as at 31 March 2020 | Source: UDIA

31.03.20 | Federal Government announces JobKeeper program to support businesses and employees | Source: Pitcher Partners

31.03.20 | Major changes to the Foreign Investment Review Board  on foreign investment transactions | Source: McMahon Clarke

31.03.20 | Questions every fund manager must ask in the face of the COVID-19 crisis | Source: McMahon Clarke

30.03.20 | Banks to help commercial landlords who help tenants through COVID19 | Source: ABA 

30.03.20 | Economic Response to the Coronavirus | Source: Federal Government

30.03.20 | $3 billion to support jobs and businesses affected by COVID-19| Source: QLD Government

27.02.30 | WA State Government announced a $607 million stimulus package | Source: WA Government

26.03.20 | $1 billion stimulus package to save SA jobs, businesses | Source: SA Government

23.03.20 | Latest COVID-19 Government stimulus package: new support for business | Source: MinterEllision

22.03.20 | COVID-19 Second Stimular Package: Government initiatives | Source: Federal Government


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Welcome to Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney’s Research page. To undertake the services that we provide, it is imperative that we have a close understanding of the economy and the markets within which we operate. In our research reports, we chronicle commercial office, retail, industrial as well as residential property markets.

We also, through our Transactions In Review monthly treatise, report on major transactions and property capital market raisings. In our Economic Reports, we consider economic indicators that impact on property markets.

From time to time we also release specific issue research reports commenting on emerging issues in our markets.

Property market research

We have research covered.

At Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney, we pride ourselves on researching the markets within which we operate. We cover all property classifications as well as investment, owner occupied leasing and development site markets. We hope our research is of interest.

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Analysing transactions to enable us to consider and apply the data to estimating the values of other property assets is a cornerstone of our service offering. We monitor all major investment, development, owner occupied sales, major capital ratings and leasing transactions monthly.

Economic research

We have economic research covered

Property values are directly and indirectly affected by the state of the economy. Keeping abreast of economic drivers that impact property is an essential part of our research offering.

Specific research issues

We have specific research covered

Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney are often called upon to research and analyse specific economic or market issues. This is often the case with our major valuations or consultancies.

Commonwealth Budget

We have valuation learning covered

Our summary of the significant fiscal stimulus measures of the 2020 Commonwealth’s budget may be found here. Read more

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At Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney, we offer an array of services to our clients.

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At Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney, we offer an array of services to our clients.

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Our Corporate Journey 2022

Financial Reporting & Material Change

How Material Change is affecting specific asset classes in the Covid economy?

As we have moved from the heights of the pandemic in Australia Material Change is proving to be fragmented and only affecting certain asset classes. Material Change is affecting asset classes differently, some have increased whereas others have been adversely affected. Preston Rowe Paterson is closely monitoring the Material Change impact during the depth of the COVID economy, and as things improve.

For financial reporting valuations to comply with the AASB standards, Material Change is the driver for revaluation when an asset within a class of assets differs from the Carrying Amount (ref. Clause 34, p. 10, AASB116 – Property Plant and Equipment). Read more in our brochure below.

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