Outdoor Dining On The Rise As Sydney Opens Up

As specialist valuers and managers of outdoor dining areas in metropolitan Sydney, and based on Dominic Perrotet’s ‘Al Fresco Restart’ initiative, Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney is seeing a fantastic opportunity for Councils and the Food and Beverage industry across the metropolitan area to expand their footprint and rental revenue, for existing and new outdoor dining spaces.
With the previous lockdowns over eighteen months, the Food & Beverage industry has been significantly impacted by the Covid 19 Pandemic and with summer coming and the recent lockdown ending, the demand for outdoor activities is increasing. Bars, restaurants, cafes and other dining areas are seeking to extend their outdoor dining areas, during Summer 2021/2022 in NSW.
With the $66 million ‘Alfresco Restart’ Initiative stimulus package that Dominic Perrotet has announced, it will not only stimulate the Food & Beverage industry but also entertainment, arts and cultural businesses impacted by COVID-19 and the recent lockdown.

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