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State-wide outdoor smoking bans to change the layout of pubs, cafes and clubs

New smoking laws for outdoor dining venues came into effect on the 6th of July 2015 affecting clubs, hotels, cafes and food fairs. The new law bans smoking within 4 metres of a pedestrian entry or exit of a hospitality venue; therefore creating ‘the 4 metre law’ (NSW Government). Penalties of not abiding by this […]

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The impact of recent changes to the Environmental Planning & Assessment Amendment (Fire Safety) Regulation on property values

As of July 18th 2014 a number of changes came into play for the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Fire Safety) Regulation. These include changes to requirements for Complying Development Certificates (CDCs) and Construction Certificates (CCs), such as the removal of building fire safety reports when submitting a CDC. The NSW Government Building Professionals Board […]

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