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The risk-free rate – What does history tells us?

Interest rates are at historical lows as displayed in the chart below which considers the 10 year bond yield which is widely used and accepted as the risk-free rate. As the risk-free rate is widely accepted as the foundation to discount rate models, entities wishing to invest are finding it difficult to adjust their capital […]

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State-wide outdoor smoking bans to change the layout of pubs, cafes and clubs

New smoking laws for outdoor dining venues came into effect on the 6th of July 2015 affecting clubs, hotels, cafes and food fairs. The new law bans smoking within 4 metres of a pedestrian entry or exit of a hospitality venue; therefore creating ‘the 4 metre law’ (NSW Government). Penalties of not abiding by this […]

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Looking Behind the Headline Figure

Whilst there are a number of houses in Sydney selling for over $1million, and is considered one of the most expensive market to purchase a house in Australia, the headlined median price of $930,000 does not necessarily apply to the overall Sydney market. The headline median price reflected the average price of houses that was […]

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