How does our property management, asset management and facilities management team shape up?

The management team at Preston Rowe Paterson has never been stronger, from property management, to asset management to facilities management we have property management covered!

We manage a wide range of properties, our experience extends (but is not limited) to retail, industrial, commercial, heritage and residential properties, along with wharf’s, pool’s, theaters, restaurants and outdoor dining facilities.

We’re not short on strengths at Preston Rowe Paterson; within our property management team our stand out strengths lie with:

  • Our ability to provide constant personalised support as we are contactable 24 hours, 7 days a week should an onsite problem arise;
  • Our extensive experience in the property industry means we understand the importance of addressing all property related matters immediately and in most cases would have encountered a similar matter in the past;
  • Maintaining regular contact with property owners and tenants is a top priority of ours, this ensures both parties have ample opportunities to discuss any queries with us;
  • Our access to a network of reliable contractors who we have maintained a professional relationship with for many years. Our contractors are approachable, easy to work with and readily available to assist with any on site issues. Examples of the contractors we use include plumbers, electricians, pest control, painters etc;
  • We regularly conduct thorough inspections and rent reviews to ensure the property is well maintained and the rent is in line with the current market;
  • We recently enhanced our property management, asset management and facilities management division by upgrading our management software to Yardi. Yardi is a state of the art, web services based software providing comprehensive property management, lease management, accounting and reporting functions (to read more about Yardi head to our blog post published on June 18th).

Recent results reflect our high performing property management, asset management and facilities management division. We are very excited to have been appointed the transitional property and asset managers for the future Badgerys Creek airport.

How do we differ from other property management, can i buy viagra over the counter asset management and facilities management teams? “We strive to maintain growth in net income whilst at the same time attracting and retaining tenants.” Greg Preston, Director.

We are equipped with the knowledge, experience, innovation and professionalism to manage any property, to discuss further contact the Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney office on 9292 7400.