Sydney, Australia’s economic powerhouse, on the path to become a Three Cities Metropolis

As we plan for life after COVID-19, we need to take into account the lessons that we have learned about ourselves, how we live and the way our city works and turn them to our economic advantage. Sydneysiders will have to reimagine the way they are living.

Dreaming of a world in which commuting to work will not be a hassle anymore? This is what the Greater Sydney Commission is aiming to achieve through the Three Cities Metropolis Vision.

Creating the conditions for a stronger economy as a post-recession plan, is one of the main goals Sydney must face to transform Sydney into a globally competitive city with more health, education, research and innovation centres, but also investments in business centres.

Greater Sydney is Australia’s global city; an economic powerhouse of 4.7 million people, endowed with the natural beauty of Sydney Harbour, bushland, beaches and the Blue Mountains. As its population is projected to grow to 8 million over the next 40 years, and with almost half of that population residing west of Parramatta, rebalancing economic and social opportunities will leverage that growth and deliver the benefits more equally and equitably across Greater Sydney.

Sydney will come back stronger than ever from the Covid-19 induced recession with a massive restructuration plan, connecting the triangle of Eastern Harbour, Central River and Western Parkland cities to form the “Greater Sydney” Metropolis. As a matter of fact, Preston Rowe Paterson is aligning its strategic business direction on three city logic.

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