Why we chose Yardi as the Management platform for our Property, Asset & Facilities Division

Preston Rowe Paterson’s decision to adopt Yardi as our principal software platform for the property, asset and facilities management team derived mainly from our commitment to providing the highest quality property, asset & facilities management to our client’s. This assists us in delivering exceptional customer service and the best management outcomes possible for property owners and investors.

Yardi Voyager Commercial complements Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney with an end-to-end solution that streamlines the property and financial management aspects of our commercial management division to enhance the underlying value of our client’s properties. The chart above provides a visual guide to Yardi’s software network.

Many of Yardi’s characteristics have greatly improved the functionality and operations of our property, asset and facilities management division; these characteristics include:

  • Yardi’s ability to assist us in delivering greater transparency at portfolio, property and tenancy levels; and across our entire property, asset and facilities management division.
  • Yardi extends our business intelligence and improves tenant services by consolidating tenant information in the one, user friendly, mobile interface.
  • Yardi provides hassle free application, database and network management with secure SaaS options ensuring all client related information is secure.
  • Yardi operates as a browser agnostic platform with full mobile access across multiple devices and browsers. Content is real time, web services based, operational data allowing for access 24/7 on any mobile device. As a result, relevant Preston Rowe Paterson team members have access to client information and key decision making tools 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Access to comprehensive Lease Management tools such as controlled administration of leases and amendments including lease option management with encumbrance tracking. In addition, Yardi delivers visibility into all leasing activities, opportunities and deals.
  • The comprehensive correspondence management functionality such as critical dates, tasks and notifications ensures organisation and time management skills are kept on track at all times. Correspondence management is particularly important when managing maintenance contractors and properties with a large number of tenants.
  • The formulated financial analytics are useful when analysing financial reporting and key performance indicators.
  • The Yardi document management system ensures key business information is retained and allows unprecedented content sharing and collaboration across the entire Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney office. The system has the ability to scan paper documents for publishing to libraries, and to apply system generated codes for easy document look up.
  • Yardi provides efficient, error free collaboration allowing multiple people to work on single documents at the same time.
  • The advanced budgeting and forecasting includes integrated accounting and property management functions; along with robust financial reporting and key performance indicators. All of which assist in producing analytics and insight quickly for better decision making.
  • Overall, Yardi significantly enhances collaboration between key stakeholders, colleagues and prospects.