Supporting Global Warming Awareness- Chasing Coral

At a recent client function Greg Preston noted that Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability in the built environment and global warming awareness by screening the film “Chasing Coral”.

The film showcases the impact of global warming on the world’s reef systems and reveals the gut wrenching effect of rising sea temperatures and coral bleaching.

Whilst the film portrays the impact on a majority of the world’s reef systems it focuses on Australia’s World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef and in particular the impact of coral bleaching around Lizard Island in far North Queensland.

The documentary interviews a number of the world’s leading marine biology and reef systems scientists and, with the benefit of time-lapse photography, shows how in an extremely short period of time a healthy reef is devastated by a small rise in sea temperature (coral bleaching).

Greg Preston comments, “The film is a stark reminder of the need to embrace sustainability principles in all that we do. I would highly recommend can you buy ambien mexico the film Chasing Coral as a way of understanding one of the impacts of global warming and refreshing a commitment to sustainability as well as the need for having a front of mind attitude to minimising our carbon footprint”.

The film Chasing Coral is screened on Netflix and the website is