The Central River City: Embracing a new lifestyle and environmental assets for a smart, well-connected city – Three Cities Metropolis Vision (Part 2)

As part of Preston Rowe Paterson Sydney’s business strategy for 2021, we have put together a suite of blogs about the Three Cities Metropolis Vision plan from the Greater Sydney Commission. The below blog focuses on The Central River City and its core, the Greater Parramatta.

The Greater Parramatta is ‘Australia’s tiger economy’1, it is a city at the international crossroads of Global Sydney. As a geographical, commercial and cultural capital with $23b in Gross Regional Product (GRP), Parramatta is a compelling option for businesses looking to access the rapidly expanding Central River city’s economy. Those who have invested in Parramatta over the past two decades have already discovered it to be a dynamic, supportive and cost-effective business environment to grow and expand. Especially knowing Greater Parramatta’s economy is centred on world-class health, education and research institutions as well as finance, business services and administration…

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